how do i arrange for supervised contact?

Where both parents agree, they can seek supervised contact with a family friend or relative, or can approach a service provider, such as Family Reconnect.

In other cases, one parent may seek to have the contact supervised, and if the other parent disagrees, it is open for the Family Court to make an order that the contact is supervised, either for a set period of time, or on an ongoing basis.
Please be aware that while Family Reconnect seeks to assist, it is not our role to negotiate between the parties and we ask that the initial arrangements regarding the visitation/transportation be developed and agreed upon and then provided to Family Reconnect. Any ongoing changes to those arrangements should be managed in the same way.

1. Family Reconnect is approached by a family or their legal representatives regarding supervision of supervised contact/transportation of the children/young people.
2. Intake forms are downloaded from the website and completed, requiring signing by the parties prior to being returned to Family Reconnect.
3. Costing is agreed as per Family Reconnect price list. Payment can be made via EFT or cash on the day.
4. Visitation/transportation details are discussed. This includes, but is not limited to, where the
children/young people reside, where the parent(s) reside– who may/may not attend the visit, any special medical/dietary/psychological needs of the children that must be observed, some family history, details about court orders, details about any restraints such as DVOs, and safety concerns involving the children and others.
5. Payment is made at least 48 hours prior to a scheduled visitation/transportation.
6. You receive confirmation of payment being received and a scheduled visit.
7. Access visit/transportation takes place at the agreed time.

1. The parent to be supervised arrives at centre at least 15 minutes before contact.
2. The primary carer arrives with child at correct agreed time, NOT before or after..
3. Supervised contact visit takes place
4. The primary carer arrives at correct agreed time upon completion of contact, NOT before or after..
5. The parent to be supervised departs centre at least 15 minutes after contact.